Mark Laptop stand 3D Printed

Mark Laptop stand_1

Mark Laptop Stand
Laptop stand for 3D printing.
The starting idea was to play with full and empty spaces that is develop by two characterizing aspects:
– The voronoi texture which creates an interesting decoration and in addition it works as material saving element (instead of having a complete solid surface) and the texture contains random filled holes that give more vitality;
– The isosceles triangle shape creates a functional vacuum that allows you to put the object in a vertical position (to save space on the desk), and as a temporary document holder (perhaps of the project on which someone is working on and it is always within reach and in order).
In conclusion, the key element of the product “Mark – Laptop Stand” are the voids elemens that play an essential functional role.
mark moodboardmark work in progressMark laptop stand_1Mark laptop stand_2

Mark Laptop stand_2Mark Laptop stand



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